December 30, 2011

#151: E.N.D

Assalamualaikum...I know its too early to conclude my 2011. there still one day left! but hey, im going for outstation for the next three days. so i want to update it today. the last entry of this year. Its one hell of a year. yes it is. My life been up and down this year. i learnt lots of thing. but yet, my so-called-AZAM still in debt.  pui!

This year, I learnt sometimes friends are the family you have. Through the first semester of this year I've been through a lot of probs. Its hard to be a leader of your friends. Especially when you are inexperience. You have to make difficult decisions, you have to order them, you have to be responsible for everything and yet you have to be careful so that nothing personal between the job and friendship. Its damn hard but  I somehow was able made through it with their help. Through the hardship, the bond become stronger. From friendship, it feels more like a family. 


This year I learnt what makes a man truly a man between the men. i don't know how to describe it. There's been a few accident but i like the picture above the most. Its my first slaughter. I know I've been such a sissy but hey, at least I've done it rite? Its not the experience that make a man a real man between the men. I dont know what it is. Its something indescribable . But i know its there. #WTH im Talking About?

This year i learnt what makes a good teacher and what makes people will remember us. I lost a good mentor, tutor, lecturer and a caretaker. She gave a lot a support, made a lot of sacrifice and been a helper for 2 and half year-since the beginning i guess. That makes me wonder, do i have everything to be like her, am i able to do what she do, can i be like her. its makes me wonder. Anyway, I hope to see her again when i had my success. And i wonder who will take her place in 2012. 

Just want to put here. it seems funny. masculine likely. #LOL

This year been such a journey of hardship and pain but it comes with the joy and the experience. Thank you Allah for giving me the strength to overcome all the test you been giving me. Thank you Allah for everything. May next year you set me the best for me and the people around me so that i and them become a better human.... Amin.

btw...This year also I was h-broken. trice. by the same women.


  1. jarang aku like entry kau,tapi yang ni buat aku terharu "Its hard to be a leader of your friends. Especially when you are inexperience"

  2. tulun2 aku lak sem depan. inexperience trok jgk ne. =='

  3. Emir: berdasarkan pengalaman kan?

  4. Syaz: aku tolong mana yang boleh.~~