January 12, 2014

Sin of A Hero

Again, my trust and friendship was tremble upon a challenge.
To gain the respect,
to make the memories
to fill the final years.
Betrayal and lies was right into my face, again.
The rage that I can never contain.
The patience that was limited before.
Some harsh thought put into words in haste. 
Some were cage in the depth of heart.
In any ways, I was wounded.
The humiliation I gain,
the wait which I always hate,
the chase that I always initiate,
left out was all I get.
Just try to imagine.
Leading such live in such prison,
built with words and thoughtless acts,
 alone in the room along the years,
with a hole in heart to fill with the special one,
yet being betrayed, no, bullied by the so-called buddies.
Do realize.
It;s final year of attempting to build such memories entering adulthood.
Before I have ride, in years before.
Being left out.
While all spend youth in such adventure.
Now with a ride to get on,
Still here, being left out.
Again. Alone
In the prison of thoughtless acts of yours.
Yet, people demand for me to keep calm.
Keep being the good guy.
Keep your cool and such little patience in heart.
I'm not that strong. 
All I was able to do is keep asking my self.

"What sin have I committed to anyone that I deserve to get punish like this?


It's almost two weeks into 2014.
I already been able to fore see the future of this year.
It's going to be busy.
Praktikum, AR, Thesis, assignment.
May Allah ease everything.
And may everything ease by him.

Inshaa Allah.