September 19, 2010


   Fedora?? What the animal is that?? Maybe most of us Malaysians does not familiar with this word. Malaysians just call it as hats or like my sisters, she called it MJ's Hat. Haven't get the picture yet? Fedora is a type of hat back from 1950s. the significance of this hat compare to other hats is it has pinch in both side at the front. and nowadays it had been improvise and had a modern looking fedora.
1950s' Fedora

Why am i telling this? this is because not for a long time ago, my sister gave me a fedora as a gift when she came back  from Malacca. but the fedora wasn't a high quality fedora, but it has make me interested toward this type of hat. From that time, I have done a lot of reading and researching on this type hat and become obsessed with it. A few weeks after my sis gave me the first fedora, the first thing i bought when i got my allowance is a new fedora hat. It's better compare to the one that my sis gave me with about RM30.00 from Prangin Mall.

Fedora from my sis

My precious fedora

My next target is to order fedora imported from US. I have survey it and it cost about my 3 months allowance. but it is worth to buy it. Recently I noticed that some of the artist also wear it it their video and even concert.

Bruno Mars

Cool eh?? i wish that goes same to me when i buy the imported fedora. can't wait for it. I will save up my money to buy it and become as cool as this guy.

Cool isn't?

But for now i just wear what i have and probably add a few more affordable fedora into my collection and just be myself until the day come.~
Not so cool yet~

September 5, 2010

Ending Is Begining

Its been along time right? lame giler aku tak update blog ni. nak wat macam ne.. insanely busy + kehidupan aku yang penuh lagha telah membuatkan aku untuk tak dapat memberikan komitmen yang secukupnya kat blog aku ni. ni tulis pown sebab ada la sorang kawan aku juga newbie in the blog. this girl made me realize again what is the feel for blogging. apa yang die ckap waktu presentation tu betol gak, and telah membuatkan aku semangat balik untuk blogging. well lets see whats new in me...

  Pe kaitan ngan tajuk post ni?? hm~~ Ntoh....well, aku pakai tibai je tajuk blog ni cz tngah meroyan kowt! 1stly yang paling dekat sekrang ialah Ramadan yang dah nak pergi n Aidilfitri yang bakal menjelma. Adakah kita sudah bersedia dengan pemergian bulan yang penuh keberkatan dan menghadapi dugaan2 yang bakal mendatang dalam hidup kita?(insafx3?)~ btw, x lame lg pown sesi PPISMP aku pown dah nak tamat. Nak masuk degree dah means, makin dekat nak jadi cikgu dah la! tapi belum nak tammat assingment still banyak menimbun berlonggok menggunung even dah dekat nak raya. Lastly,,,, the Half-blood Sensei dah mati ek,, the new era of Mastermind shall other words, new concept need for this blog.Juz wait and see~ Daa~~