August 31, 2012

Stubborn & Childish

yup.that's me in one weird looking profile pic.

 some of the things what I hate the most are
somebody making me looks like useless, bad and wrong;
and accuse me of something that i don't.
I don't care who they are,
I will have them apologize to me.
If not its a war.
Yesterday and today,
there are one person who gets on my nerve.
"Do not just complain if not trying to find a solution"
and I was like
 "What the hell?"
thinking that I am that kind of person?
Not long time ago,
you suggest and put my name for one big job
out of no where my name is up
just because you all didn't befriends with the others
I'm the one to get the big job.
I have grudge over that with you.
but I kept quite.
It was Raya.
I was trying to be forgiving.
Although I can't enjoy my Raya 
as the big job pressured me.
I still kept quite.
But now you make me looks like a loser?
A nut head who only complaint but not giving any effort?
and then update the status telling that 
"Think with open mind"
lets see me next week
since you wanted me to be an open-minded person.
it is a promise.