October 30, 2013


"What's the use of wearing a mask but didn't do anything you like?"
-The Motherf***er(Kick Ass 2, 2013)-

Is not the matter who or where I'm quoting,
But what am I quoting.
I've been asking myself.
Is this what I really want?
Is this the path that I going to go down for the rest of my life?
Am I going to regret it?

I didn't really answer all that.
The reason I've been asking my self
Is I felt that I having my life pathetically.
You don't need the details right?
I felt that it was just wasting my time.
What is the purpose?
Teaching children of the future to create a better world?
Is that purpose really set by me?
but it is the purpose that I've been learning to accept for the past 4 and half years.
And from time to time,
the question came to me.
Is this really what I want?
I would not really.

Face the reality,
We live in time where we need money,
where we need jobs to live,
where we need to have degree to be seen as human.
Is not like the American Dreams,
where we could dream anything we would and chase it.

I love travel,
I love photography,
I love to try new foods,
I love to try new things.
But here I am.
Its not I hate teaching profession,
I love teaching and kids,
But I think there are more than this what the world can offer me.
A lot to think.
But just to think and doing nothing.

#GibberishRants #Sorry

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