September 16, 2011

There Was A Boy....

There was a boy named Hanafi. He is a Malay.He is the best friend you can get.

There was a boy named Alex. He is a Chinese. He is good in study. He always help me in Maths.

There was a boy named Sivananda. He is a Indian. He is the class joker. We always played with our fathers name.

There was a boy named Roy. He is an Orang Asli. He is a good runner. We always played Galah Panjang after school ends.

And there was me. I'm just me. 

We are different. Yes we are. But we were all study in the same class, eating at the same canteen, playing on the same field, reading in the same library and assemble in the same hall.

But that was eight years ago. Years where kids only have library cards and not facebook accounts, years where kids don't have mobile phone but coins for public phone, years where kids only play with marble not Angry Birds, and years where kids hang around under the tree not Starbucks or McD.

I miss those days. I miss them. I already lost contact with them. I wish i could meet them again. I wonder how they are now. I wonder how they looks today. I wonder where they are studying today.

Thank you Malaysia for the opportunities to meet the difference. Thank you Malaysia for uniting us. Thank you Malaysia for be in peace. Thank you Malaysia for what you are today.

"Happy Birthday Malaysia"

p/s: grammar mistakes? i'm still a student. grrr...


  1. good entry....don't worry about grammar anyway,it is just nice..

  2. naah... put grammar aside. content wise bro. ^^