September 7, 2014


Some buddy of mine told me many peoples hurt because of my words.
So, I look for what kind of words that actually hurt them.
I scrolled for history of my chat through whatsApp.
I try to reflect back what could have I said.
Through reflective session.
I have actually spoke some that might hurt someone,
But not through whatsApp.
But through whatsApp and reflection too,
I actually have said several time of apologize.

So, I'm guessing that people see more of other peoples' mistakes than themselves. They tend to point others weakness instead admit theirs.And I have to admit I could hurt someone else cause of my short-temper. But at least, I admitted it. And most of times, even if it's not me cause it, I even say sorry for them. But then, I am also human. So the first sentence of this paragraph applies on me right?

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