July 3, 2014

#Ramadhan: Sayings

I shut down an invitation to iftar from one of my buddies with my one of favourite food.
Shut it down because I thought I was going to iftar with another buddy.
On the last of minutes, the plan to iftar together was cancelled.
So I lost two plans of iftar with buddies.
What flipped me off was, it was without a proper reason.
And when I called, there were no proper answer or trying to make up to it.
Instead, it seems that he was trying to cover it up with a lie. Grrr~
But still I tried to think positive and accept as it is.

Most people know that I used or still am a short temper person.
Most people always told me to be patient and be cool on stuff.
Well, I don't want to be a public enemy, so I tried.
Endured everything, keep everything down below deep in my hearts.
But, most people forgot that there are a saying

"Don't be angry, and don't be the one caused it in another person"

and here the Malay version in case it wasn't clear.

"Jangan marah, dan jangan jadi penyebab kemarahan dalam diri orang lain."

My head was set to iftar on other than the surau's.
So, I end up breakfast alone in my room and it was half hour late.
Alhamdulillah, 5 days done through Ramadhan.

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