March 23, 2012

Thousands Stories

This week has been long for me.
Way too long.
Too much to write in a diaries.
But too little to make a movie.
Yes. Pictures tells thousands of stories.
Some make ones heart cries,
but some record the joy
Some gives hope to one in need,
but some kills the soul.
Some inspired the future,
but some become one with the history. 

His name is Rocky.
Most athletic in school.
Big boss in school too.

Forgot the name. 
Spoke Semai with me.
Okay he tease me in Semai.

Girls of Rukun Negara Club.
Red shirt always melatah in Semai.
Center talkative.
Right, shy but automatically posing for snaps.

I lost my soul today because of a picture.
But they, children of Semai cheers me up although the bell has rang.