May 29, 2011

Like A Paint

my 3 days of journey to Sitiawan for my cousin weds has been such a great experience for me. well, i never thought i would learn new things about Malay weds that i never thought before. did you know that:

1) being a Mak Andam need lot of stamina too?
2)bride and groom doesnt need to worry about their kitchen equipment as they will get presents from the guest.-that save money!
3)the leftover is has a greater taste when we eat after all the chores done with the family.

another thing is the city has serve me such a view. since i watch a Korean variety show lately which i got from my friend, i have been anticipate to have a better look with nature. this time i have bee able to view clouds during the sunset. such a creation of Allah have pleased my eye relieve my exhausted. been able to capture lots of pica, but with just my mobile cams, only some came out as i want.

and now moms keep remind s me, if according to age, there's only one people before i get my turn to get married. oh no!

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