October 26, 2010


Its rainy,cold evening
how can i ever study in these unconditional day ?
hey, its study week after all...
lets see wat have i study for the first 2 days in study weeks
for the grand opening of the study week,
i have Tesl Nite
its my first time for the event. 
wat can i say?
its soo awesome!!
for this time they use hollywood
as their theme~
 we have wolverine, hitman and the vandeta for the band

hey~ joker in da house!

thats enough~
credut to mr.Xy for the pic
i think we get the picture here 
it was just too awesome to be tell evrything here..
on the next day,
which is the frst dayof the week
i attend the the poetry competition~
its a good thing sometimes when we go 
to see people poet~
other than that competition,
most of the time i playing games,
nothing much to be mention~
 and it enters today-second day of the study week
besides having class i dont think that i will be having
anything special today
plus today is a rainy day~
what have i study in these 2 days?
i have study that we need to be relax before taking the exam~
i wonder where my study mood has gone?
need to summon it quickly!
contact me if you found it ok?
Happy Study Week everyone!

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