March 28, 2010

w0rld i$ r0$e$~


tonight is a good night
hangout with friends
dinner together
took some pic
make some jokes
it is a good nite
but like rose
as it has lovely red petals
it also has the torn
something that not mine yet
looks like someone start to have it
i hate it when this happen
but today
i spend my time at qb
it does feel really different
i spend my time there bout 4 hours alone
then i met zuhdi and che din
i hang with them for a while
i met my x unexpectedly
she say hi and talk for a while
then we split
i split with the boys too
it does feel different
but then i meet girls
hang with them for a while
but still
something that not mine yet
still looks like the way before
i hate it
then we went back
it was happy,enjoy,weird,and,,,,,

Question: anyone know anything the words in italic?

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