March 14, 2010


Juz watch downloaded Adnan Sempit
best gak citer dier
4 out of 5 star
mesej dier memang best
cinta 2 dunia
miskin dan kaya 
hina dan mulia
pekerja dan bos
walaupun filem captioned as comedy
but there is romantcs part
that reminds me bout love
its love again 
this past 2 weeks
i found out 'bout love
yang kite sangka kite hanya jumpe 
dalam filem
cinta berbeza kaum
beauty and the beast
first sight love
senior junior 
from hate to love,
the interesting part is
those "theme is all in seperated "cases"
love need sacrifice,loyal,trust and understandind,
which happens to one of my friend
the guy is cheating on his girl 
the irony part is the day before
he was "romantic" with the girl
hipocrite isnt?
and somehow
i receive sort of the consequens
so  true  love
atau hanya drama semata-mata?

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