April 25, 2010

eMpTy $oUl

banyak mende nak ckap 
tp x tau
nak start dari mane~
juz this week is full of 
doubt and trust
alliance and opponentS
truth and secrets
player and lover
man and women
to quit and not to quit
fate and luck
classmate and conflict
advice and support
friend and classmate
winnings and losses
exam dah dekat
tp makin dekat
makin banyak yang berlaku
makin banyak yang diketahui
makin banyak cabaran
makin banyak berfikir
juz hope it changes  

eMpTy $oUL

 "hear 2 dis:
this 4-letter-words is killing me!!!
If We Ever Meet Again
I'll Never Be The Same"

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